Chemical Labels printing

The chemical production industry is seeing opportunities in the production of intermediate chemicals used to manufacture numerous items like pipes, valves, and other infrastructure materials. With the rise in opportunity, the need for GHS labeling will increase accordingly.

GHS or Globally Harmonized System defines and classifies how hazardous chemical products are communicated via labels or datasheets.

The ultimate goal of these guidelines is to create a standardized system internationally that though not legally binding, will allow for understanding. Internationally, if a single system was in place it is easy for many people to see the hazards of each and every chemical and how they should be handled.

In-house labeling can be the key to sticking to these guidelines. When you are able to print your labels in-house, it comes with an array of benefits that might not be outwardly apparent at first.

The first would be the cost-effectiveness that it offers. When you don’t have the requirement of printing “X” quantities in order to see a return on your investment, it allows you to take advantage of shorter runs that you’d initially have to turn away.

This also leads to it being the economical option. Say goodbye to hefty inventory costs. When you’re able to print smaller runs on-demand, you no longer have to print extra and hold onto the inventory until they’re ready to be sold.

In regard to chemical labels, digital printing is flexible. This flexibility allows you to adjust your label as conditions surrounding the industry change. Whether it’s new guidelines on handling or a new color to fit into the harmonized system, your business now has the ability to adapt and print exactly what your customer is looking for.

Expand your horizons with flexible printing for your chemical labels with the ArrowJet Aqua 330R.

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